Colored gemstone jewelry is both stunning and expressive. The vast array of colors and color combinations offer a woman today unlimited fashionable options. It's easy and fun to let your personality and sense of style shine through when making your colored gemstone selections. We, at Shockey Jewelers take pride in offering you some of the finest and unusual gemstones from around the world. Our Gemologist travels the world to hand pick many of these gemstones.

Gemstone qualities vary greatly from one gem to another. Generally, colored gemstones contain a fair number of natural occurring inclusions. Some gemstones characteristically contain more inclusions, such as emeralds and tourmalines. Color, however, more than any other characteristic, determines a gemstones value. Each gemstone has a wide variety of color choices. Typically, the most intense, deepest colors of any gem are the most rare and the most valuable. The ultimate choice of color in a gemstone is a very personal decision and should be based on what appeals to the individual. Fine cutting of a colored gemstone brings the color to life and should never be neglected.

Care for your gemstones is relatively simple. As with most jewelry, a simple cleaning with a soft bristle brush and Shockey Jewelers jewelry cleaner and a good rinse or a quick wash in an ultrasonic cleaner available at Shockey Jewelers will keep your gemstones sparkling like new. Emeralds have special needs in that they should only be brushed softly with a brush and cleaner, but never allowed to soak and ultrasonics should never be used. Pearls, coral, cameos, and mother-of-pearl should never be cleaned with a typical jewelry cleaner. Shockey Jewelers sells a special cleaner for these items that will not etch the surface. Perfume and hair spray are also detrimental to pearls, coral, cameos and mother-of pearl.

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