The diamond engagement ring, love's most enduring symbol, was born more than five centuries ago and has grown stronger with each passing year. Throughout the centuries, the romantic tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring has flourished. The wide variety of diamonds, along with the availability of settings in numerous styles and designs, gives today's couples unparalleled choice in this ultimate symbol of love.

To many, the solitaire, a single round diamond prong-set in platinum or gold, epitomizes the American engagement ring, but the fancy shape diamonds are considered classics as well. For women who are more trend-setting, and want a more contemporary design to reflect their own individual style, there are unique setting choices. Many rings with a modern feel are actually antique in inspiration, due to design details such as braiding and bezel-set stones.

Shockey Jewelers can dazzle the bride-to-be with the newest diamond engagement rings ranging from elegant diamond solitaires in classic shapes to innovative new collections created by Shockey Jewelers and some of the worlds top designers. To sample some beautiful options we offer, click on the Products/Designers (click button) in this web site.

Once you are versed in the 4C's of diamonds, deciding how much you want to spend on this once-in-a-lifetime purchase can be difficult, if not, overwhelming. To assist men in gauging what to spend on a diamond engagement ring, jewelers often recommend using two months' salary as a guideline. You can trust Shockey Jewelers to respect your budget and appreciate and honor your individual taste.
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