There is never a wrong time to present the woman in your life with a classic piece of jewelry. While fashion and fads make their way in and out of the mainstream, diamond jewelry remains a classic. Beautiful and timeless, a classic piece of diamond jewelry can be worn any time of day with anything from casual jeans to a business suit to a little black dress. In fact, over the past decade we have witnessed the emergence of the diamond wardrobe. A diamond solitaire necklace, diamond stud earrings, a diamond anniversary band, and the three stone anniversary ring are four classic designs that withstand fashion trends because of their elegance, simplicity, and wearability.

Whether the celebration is a birthday, anniversary, or "just because"... the gift of diamonds is the most time-honored way to express the importance of your love. When the time comes to present her with diamonds, make it a surprise! This is a moment she will always remember, and you will never forget the look on her face when you give her that gorgeous gift!
The diamond solitaire necklace both sets a trend and transcends it. It's a single, quality diamond, suspended on a chain that rests in the hollow of a woman's neck. The question isn't "What will she wear it with?" but "Will she ever take it off?"
If she doesn't already own a pair of diamond ear studs, you can be certain she is longing for them. Every woman is! Seldom have glamour and practicality coexisted so harmoniously in a single design.
Commemorate a special milestone in your life together-a tenth or twenty-fifth anniversary, a special birthday, or the birth of a baby with a diamond anniversary band. This reflection of love and devotion will last a lifetime and become a treasured heirloom.
Reflecting on the past, celebrating the present, and embracing the future, the three stone anniversary ring brilliantly symbolizes your life and love together. One diamond each, for your past, present and future. This ultimate tribute to your marriage will say it all!
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