For centuries, men and women have found that sparkle and brilliance of a quality diamond expresses their deepest emotions and symbolizes their enduring love. Yet with so many beautiful diamonds to choose from, and no two alike, how do you pick the right diamond while spending wisely? The 4C's, along with the guidance of Shockey Jewelers, will lead you to the answer. Shockey Jewelers can help you select the right diamond. Our experts are knowledgeable and can explain the 4C's, as well as, show you a selection of diamonds in a range of prices. While all diamonds are beautiful, only by comparing diamonds will you be able to appreciate what makes one more beautiful and valuable than another. When you view diamonds side by side, you'll understand why diamonds that look similar, at a casual glance, are priced differently.

Keep in mind that there are no "bargain" diamonds; there are only diamonds of different value, weight and brilliance. Choose a beautiful diamond that combines the qualities of the 4C's that you most value. Then you are ready to give the most enduring gift of love. Born of the earth, reborn on the woman you love, this diamond is more than a precious gem and all that it symbolizes... it's a piece of forever.
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